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September 2020 — Eng. Daniel Salazar.

Since their appearance, mobile applications have facilitated the life of society in all aspects, and the fact that a museum can use an app to publish some of your favorite collections or simply allows you to explore and enjoy new art by different people around the world, it is undoubtedly the best competitive advantage. Museums, as tourist attractions, must take advantage of these new ways of attracting the public, becoming an opportunity for those people who cannot visit them in person because they live elsewhere or due to other circumstances, but who have the desire to get to know them, potentially becoming future artists or real consumers who make monetary contributions.

These are some advantages that interactive technology offers us:

  • View super high-resolution images from an app or website.
  • Discover, know, study and prepare a visit whenever it is.
  • Use this resource as class material to bring students closer to art through stories and details of the artworks.
  • Reach remote audiences.

In a few words, accessing the main works of art and a specific museum allows us to carry out more interactive and educational activities, in a safe and comfortable environment for all people. They also allow us to enjoy art in all its splendor through these applications, from home, office, schools, etc. It is worth mentioning that they allow the most important museums to continue growing in a more modern society and at the same time benefit economically.

These are five applications to explore museums in a virtual way. 1. El Prado Audio Museums

It is an audio guide that allows you to visit the Prado Museum in Madrid. It will inform you of the historical context of the paintings you see, the story told in the painting, as well as a short biography of the author of the artwork. In addition, it has a search engine where you can locate the artworks in the museum and know in which room they are exhibited.

2. Louvre Visit, Tours & Guide: Tourblink

Very useful app that allows you to visit the Louvre and locate the outstanding works of the museum, with descriptions and audios that accompany all their photos. The information provided on the works is very complete. In addition, it has several itineraries depending on the time you want to dedicate to the visit.

3. Guía Multimedia Thyssen

Official application-audio guide to visit the Thyssen Bornemisza museum. Through the app you can access its rooms and get to know the museum's permanent collection in depth. It has the audio guide of 39 masterpieces, with a complete technical sheet and high-resolution photographs of all the artworks to observe all the details.

4. Dalí Museum Virtual Tour

With this application you can take a virtual tour of the museum entirely dedicated to the painter Salvador Dalí and enjoy the key works of each moment of his artistic activity.

5. Museo Nacional de Arte Romano (National Museum of Roman Art)

Official application of the National Museum of Roman Art, which allows you to visit a collection over 175 years old through the different pieces highlighted by the three floors of the building and the crypt.

It is important to understand that virtual museums are a great resource for students of rural schools that are separated by many kilometers from real museums. For this reason, five mobile applications were presented to explore museums in a virtual way; With them you can take full advantage of what technology offers us today and get to know works of art by extremely important artists without being physically present, allowing us to show artistic culture from around the world to many students and people in general.

Eng. Daniel Salazar.

Android Developer.

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