Top 20 best-selling gadgets during the pandemic.

October 2020 — Eng. Juan Rodas.

It has been about 10 months since the first case of coronavirus was detected, a new type of virus from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei in China. Since then, the lives of millions of people around the world have completely changed. This pandemical situation is an event that has impacted our lives so much.

The new reality is significantly affecting the way we relate and how we think. That is why today we will talk about the 20 best-selling gadgets during the pandemic and we list them below.

  1. Wi-Fi signal extender: The possibility of working remotely has forced us to have a good internet connection, either to take remote classes or hold virtual meetings.
  2. Wifi USB Adapter: The vast majority of devices have Wifi, many desktop computers and even laptops require these elements to continue connected to the internet.
  3. Monitoring wristbands and watches: Many people continue to exercise at home, which has led to the need to burn calories to maximize the effectiveness of workouts.
  4. Smart thermometers: Non-contact thermometers are undoubtedly one of the best-selling items during this time.
  5. Laptops and electronic tablets: The closure of schools and social distancing have put many parents who do not have this type of device in a difficult circumstance to acquire these devices so that their children can continue with their classes.
  6. Web cameras: It is an important element, especially for virtual meetings, since it allows you to view one or more people at the same time.
  7. Hearing aids: The need to be able to communicate forces us to have at least one of these devices, which are very useful for listening and being heard during a virtual meeting.
  8. Smart speaker: Like hearing aids, this device is very important to be able to listen to the people, the fact of spending hours and hours in virtual sessions becomes uncomfortable, and this type of solution allows you to continue with the sessions without using hearing aids for several hours a day.
  9. Extension of electrical power: With so many devices today, it is very useful to use this device to continue with the batteries at 100% and continue with the virtual sessions.
  10. HDMI cable: A necessary element, especially when the use of computer equipment is required for a long time, being able to watch the content on a TV becomes comfortable.
  11. Intelligent vacuum cleaners: Its dirt detect technology allows dirt to be found in the nooks and its sensors alert the robot to focus on the dirtiest areas. It can be controlled from the mobile through WiFi so that, when you get home, the work is already done.
  12. Posture corrector: There are posture correctors that try to keep our back in the position it should be in so that these pains do not occur. Some exercise the muscles and the spine, progressively promoting a correct alignment of the vertebrae.
  13. Wireless charger: With this wireless charger you can not only put your phone in fast mode without damaging the charging port, but you can also use it to charge your wireless headphones. You just have to make sure your phone is compatible.
  14. Wireless locator with support and LED: Very practical for locating your house, car, office, car keys, etc., which will be very useful if it happens frequently that we forget where we have placed them.
  15. Adjustable support for laptop or tablet: Being connected for a large number of hours in virtual sessions, it becomes tiring for the neck to be in uncomfortable positions, this type of device prevents our neck and shoulders from feeling tired while we use this type of device.
  16. Foldable image amplifier: Today, not everyone has the possibility to buy a laptop or tablet, but the use of a smartphone is sometimes much more accessible. That is why an image amplifier is a solution to be able to continue with online classes.
  17. Smart plug with remote control: It is a device that is responsible for controlling the ignition of lights and appliances. You can control different environments of your house.
  18. Optical illumination lamp: Works by USB, it is very useful during the dark, it offers unique lighting effects.
  19. Mobile game controller: During the pandemic not everything is work and classes in remote mode, also, there are leisure times, which, this device is ideal to be able to be used with a smartphone, and to be able to play in a comfortable way.
  20. Lot of alkaline batteries: Many of the devices do not have inputs to connect to the electrical energy, for these cases, it is necessary to have alkaline batteries to operate various devices that are counted at home.

It is important to mention that the pandemic has allowed us to transform ourselves very quickly, since not all people were prepared for a digital transformation. We must learn from virtual sessions and innovation that have allowed us to get closer to all people who are in remote places and optimize our daily activities as much as possible in the face of the new normal.


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Eng. Juan Rodas.

Backend Developer.

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