Top 20 of the outstanding entrepreneurs during COVID-19.

August 2020 — Eng. Concepción Hernández.

The year 2020 has definitely been a year full of challenges in different sectors, both in the economic and political, as well as in the social and health sectors, not to mention the educational one that has faced enormous challenges. All of the above is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that, by confronting us so suddenly, forced many people and companies to innovate and undertake to survive the change.

That is why I consider it important to give recognition to all those who have known how to create solutions thanks to their enormous talent and ingenuity, and today I present to you at least 20 great entrepreneurs who have excelled during COVID-19:

1. Carolina García, Mexican founder of Chiper , an application that connects store owners directly with manufacturers. In this application, users can find the products of the basic food basket at a better price.

2. Vera Makarov, Mexican Co-CEO, developed the Apli application. This application was made to create job offers. This online platform begins to revolutionize the market through artificial intelligence, automating the search and hiring process, up to the coordination of interviews.

3. Abril Vieyra Ortiz, Mexican director and founder of Flow , an unique online psychotherapy platform in Mexico. This program seeks to help people using technology to bring them closer to psychology specialists through video calls.

4. Juana Ramírez, Mexican CEO and founder of the SOHIN group. Said health entrepreneur developed this innovation model to serve patients with chronic degenerative diseases in a unique and personalized way, serving various fields such as psychology, nutrition, telemedicine and home care.

5. Alejandra Arreola, Mexican co-founder of the Encalientes application, an App to order food at home. It started in Aguascalientes and today it is also a success in Manzanillo, Irapuato and Mérida.

6. Gabriel Arias Mercado, Mexican entrepreneur who seeks to carry out the tests for the detection of COVID-19 through the development of an App that is installed on the cell phone. People who present symptoms may request a test which will arrive at their home using drones. Once the test is done, the drone returns to the laboratory.

7. Gabriela León, Mexican founder of GRESMEX ; an expert in biochemistry who as a result of her work discovered nanoparticles against viruses. Currently, her products have been recognized nationally and internationally to prevent viruses such as HIV and HPV.

8. David Salazar Yáñez, Mexican founder and CEO of Andonix, has developed software that alerts us to healthy distance via cell phone. This solution, that he called Safely Pass , uses the geolocation data of the phone, thus sending its alerts.

9. Alejandro Larosa, Argentine co-founder and CEO of Fyo , a grain trading company with logistics services that has rebounded in this pandemic, and seeks to streamline the agribusiness sector to transform it into a digital and connected field.

10. Rashkhan Garashli, co-owner of HORECA , a company that quickly became a leader in the local market in Azerbaijan mainly for its professional cleaning products aimed at hotels and restaurants, among other niches, occupying a leadership position with expansion in the Ukrainian market. Likewise, it operates with large networks and foreign companies.

11. Álvaro Echeverría, Chilean founder CEO of SimpliRoute , a logistics platform that seeks to reduce delivery time and improve service. Helps route planning through artificial intelligence.

12. Rubin Lind, a German who developed the Skills4School . It is a mobile learning application for schoolchildren that seeks to reduce inequality in the educational system. The application is free and helps to learn from home.

13. Nandini Jolly, Canadian Founder and CEO of CryptoMill CyberSecurity . This company is created with the purpose of protecting user data, given that the use of technology increases day by day during the pandemic.

14. Dan Schulman, Canadian CEO of Venmo App . Thanks to this tool the paradigm of cash payment has changed. Its release to the market encourages people to make their payments online through mobile phones and bank transfers with the synchronization of a Facebook account or telephone.

15. Martín Alcalá Rubín, Canadian CEO and co-founder of Tryolabs , a data science consulting company that uses artificial intelligence as a means to:

  • Detect people passing through a security camera.
  • Identify the use of face masks.
  • Collect reliable statistics.

16. Cindy Mi, originally from China, is the founder and CEO of VIPKID . This company is committed to online education mainly for students in China to learn English. In February 2020, VIPKid donated 1.5 million English and math classes to students affected by COVID-19. Students from Wuhan City, Hubei Province and the children of medical workers received priority for these classes.

17. Abraham Abramovitz, Peruvian entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Doktuz , an application to help people request home health care and online assistance.

18. Theodor Belomoev, Russian entrepreneur, founder of 4blind . that shows its innovation through Pad Braille to help deafblind people to have a greater social inclusion.

19. Patricio Romero, Spanish innovator, founder and CEO of Whyline. He developed the Filavirtual App, that allows users to enter a virtual waiting room, in addition to issuing notifications to users to be attended, thus avoiding the risk of exposition.

20. Alma Pineda, an innovative scientist, technologist and entrepreneur, who, through her leadership towards a great team of experts that makes up our company PPI Smart Tech , we were able to jointly create a new specific business unit to serve all industries that need technological consulting to operate in the pandemic, as well as products and services to return to operate in their jobs under the new normal. All these services can be consulted in PPI Consulting Group , and we include for free on our website all the Guides for more than 20 types of industries in order for them to acquire the necessary information to integrate their work safely or to safeguard the health of the employees.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that every entrepreneur and businessman can provide a creative solution to any conflict or problem, however, new companies and solutions will continue to emerge in the near future, since we will not stop facing challenges due to the pandemic. The most important point is to take care of ourselves, be cautious, and bet on innovation and entrepreneurship so our society can continue to develop solutions with a holistic perspective.


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Eng. Concepción Hernández.

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